Special event (Sone Medan celebrate Yuri’s bday)

Today is my tiring day. Tiring but fun. Much event for today. Before gath i go to camb mall alone. Exactly going to chatter box. Huh pity on me waiting for gath about 2 hours with rainy weather! Well it is actually fun being lonely there. I ended up sketching up a girl. Random girl. Yeah i feel peace at that moment. Nobody disturb me. At last someone come.

After a moment, many people joining the gath. We talk a lot of things. Yeah cause we don’t meet around 1 month already. So fun.

At 3, we started to celebrate one of soshi’s member name Yuri. She is a happy virus! Kkkk~
We sing saengil chukaehamnida song and blew up the candle. We ate those cake. So yummy!

After eating and chit chat awhile. We went for another trip! We went to nelayan to eat again.kkkk today i bakar duit! Hahahaha. We talk and talk a lot like world almost end. (lebay)
We stay there till around 18.30 then we all went home.

That’s all about my special event.

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